God is moving in our ministry...



7 1/2 weeks ago, I, had MRI brain scan due to serve head pains (diagnosed with rear brain disease called cerebral vascularlities and other diagnoses 2014). However, brain scan results proven as two defects via swollen brain and brain tumor - white matters proven by my neurologist.


I spoke to our Man Of God (Pastor Prophet Joseph Amey)...with his relaxing voice, and said to me, need to worry these diagram you sent me on my phone. I, declare it will all disappear in the Almighty Name of God.... God will do wonders in my life and his supernatural powers will heal you.. Go back and see you medical doctor again and asked for a second opinion.


In the meantime, Labour Of Love (LOL) Prayer group constantly prayed for each day. Whilst I've had my second MRI brain scan. At the end of my new results where shown as both white matters or defects as totally, disappeared without a trace. The neuroscience professors, who witnessed the God's miracles were gum smacked in a funny confused way. Even one of the neurologist believed and said to me "Gibril God has your back. He will try and find his way to come and worship with our congregation.

Gibril Jalloh | March 2022



I never experienced the power of prayer until I joined the Labour of Love World Ministries. I had been suffering with fibroids for a number of years, and as the years went by, they grew to the point where I appeared 6 months pregnant. I went to several doctors and they all said the same thing, if I don't have surgery they will continue to grow, as long as I am menstruating which they did, with the largest measuring 20cm by 20cm. It got to point where it was effecting my blood supply. I was referred to a specialist and they had said that my only options would be to have a hysterectomy or wait for the menopause and since I wasn't close to menopause. I didn't like my options. In late 2019 I was put on the waiting list to have the operation, then lock-down happened, which meant I was waiting even longer. I took that as a sign, I was not meant to go down the surgery route. That is when I told my Pastor, he said that I shouldn't worry because healing is coming my way. Everyone at the Ministry continued to pray for me. In June 2021 I was admitted to hospital with a suspected appendicitis, but in closer inspection, the doctors told be what actually happened, is the fibroids started to die and slowly disappear. I asked the doctor, does that mean I have started the menopause and he said, all indiction show that I am not menopausal, he couldn't explain why this has happened, he was amazed. I just want to give all the glory to God and LOLWM for all the prayers and protection you continue to give me.


Taiwo | April 2022


This Ministry has provided me with a true home, the feeling of love and support of the community and within the services and prayer groups, have been nothing more than beautifully overwhelming. I thank God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the wonderful Pastor Joseph for the real growth, strength and peace I have experienced in my life like never before since joining last year.  Also I must say the music at Sunday service is incredible - such inspiring talent. Thank you Labour of Love I am very blessed to have found you.


Sonya | April 2022